The Balearic Biodiversity Centre and the Genomics Platform have specialised research and technical staff, equipment, and know-how in four main pillars: Genomics, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Natural History Collections (including the Morphology and Microscopy and Digital Imaging Laboratories), and Big Data of biological and ecological data.

Our doors are open to researchers and public and private entities looking to take advantage of the Centre’s capabilities through consultancies, collaborations, or external services. Contact us for more information and to discuss your ideas!

Advisory Services

Punctual help, technical suggestions, practical advice, and guidance in solving problems or optimising processes within the framework of the four pillars of the Centre.

Advisory Services on (non-exhaustive list):

  • Advice on preservation and conservation methods
  • Advice on pest control in biological collections
  • Preparation of biological samples
  • Dissemination and management of geophysical, environmental, genetic and genomic data.
  • Processing of geo-referenced biological data
  • Automated retrieval of various data typologies available in public databases (e.g. GBIF, NCBI, BOLD, etc.)
  • Biodiversity data analysis
  • Uploading data into public repositories (e.g., GBIF, NCBI, BOLD, etc.)
  • Creation of scripts (R programming language) ad hoc for biological data analysis.

Scientific Collaborations

The Centre and its technical and research team are always open to explore collaborations where our knowledge, experience, and technical and technological capacity help to generate knowledge related to biodiversity and natural history collections in the Balearic Islands.

External Services

Processing or analysis of samples or data, where the information generated will not be used in a collaborative manner. Fees are charged depending on the service provided.